About Us

iTds is a Software Development Company, recognized for its technological excellence and great ability to develop and deliver solutions in various business areas, using their own development platforms

iTds started operations in 2002 focused on Software Development services.
Since its early days invested in R&D, launching its own Agile Platfform, the XEO™.
From 2009, invested on standard application Software packages and decided to start an Internationalization plan, through partners and exploration of new markets.

The Difference
“There’s a way to do it better – find it!”, Thomas Edison.
The vast majority of companies operating in Portugal in Software Development solutions, bases its work on the use of third part tools, typically multinational, with little or no National value creation.
iTds took the risk and supported the investment associated with the creation of own Technology Platform with strong integration of R&D.

Being recognized by the professional IT community as a reference producer in the software tools:
. : Create value for our customers.
. : Provide a fruitful work environment for our employees.
. : Adequately remunerate the investment of our employees and investors and cooperate with responsibility in society.