AgroFile is a leader in Portugal in conducting field tests for biological evaluation of plant protection products, as well as in the evaluation of various parameters of new seed varieties. The ITDS was responsible for developing the company\'s website.

Over the past 18 years, the Agro-Manual directory has been an important working tool, considered by many as a "bible" of plant protection products, fertilizers, seeds, minor uses, organic farming and green spaces. It is now available the online version for this publication, which includes a powerful search engine with a broad set of criteria. iTds was responsible for designing and developing this online tool.

Partnership with ITEN on the project Canaima Traceability. Implementation and operationalization of the software responsible for the assembly and distribution management of computers Canaima in Venezuela
.: Equipments and Parts management .: Automatic Uploads manifests
.: Boxes and pallets Management
.: Equipment Orders
.: Input and Output Movements
.: Reports and Labels

Autoridade Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC) is the national authority for civil aviation, exercising regulatory functions, monitoring and supervision in this sector. iTds was responsible for the development of an applicational platform that supports multiple work processes, namely:
.: Operations Area
.: Traffic Forms
.: Examiners Area (Practical Exams)
.: Customers
.: Training (Registration and Enforcement of Theoretical examinations)
.: Medicine Module
.: Aeronautical Personnel Licensing
.: Legal Department

Integration project, where iTds\' Invoicing Software (xGest) connected with the engine TVI Player and other application components involved in the company\'s invoicing process.
Invoicing related to the sale of overthetop content.

Instituto Nacional de Estatística, IP (INE) is to produce and disseminate quality statistical information. It is aldo responsaible for promoting the coordination, development and dissemination of national activity statistics. iTds developed INE's web Portal:
.: Institutional Portal - Main web Portal for INE.
.: Broadcast DataBase - statistical database that compiles all the statistics that are presented in the Statistics Portugal's website.

TheTripIWant is a free online platform for tailor-made travel services to help customers make a plan and book a trip. Support for incoming and outgoing travel agencies' work process, includinga an integrated communication tools with customers. Multi-language and multi-currency.

Almada grew, developed, planned and innovated in the processes of participation of its citizens, asserting itself in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area. List of applications developed by ITDS:
.: Institutional Site
.: 6 Thematic sites

The National Communications Authority (ANACOM) regulates the electronic communications sector in Portugal. It promotes competition and protects the interests of citizens, ensuring the provision of information and transparency of tariffs and conditions of use of services. List of applications developed by ITDS support Management Processes and Information:
  .: The Public Service Management
.: Spectrum Control and Monitoring
.: Ticket Management Application Help Desk
.: Insurance Portfolio Management
.: Access Control
.: Online Services
.: General Archive
.: Tariff Monitor

The NovAlmadaVelha Local Development Agency is a private association and a non-profit organization that brings together the contribution of various entities. Public and private, local and non-local come together to to develop promotional projects and promote socio-cultural and business activities of the territory .
List of applications developed by ITDS:
.: Almada Portal Digital City

Founded in 1999, Ponto Óptimo Consulting comes up with the aim of providing business support services in a multi-strand reflection, based on a set of targeted services to support the management and entrepreneurs and directors of companies and organizations.
In partnership with ITDS, Ponto Óptimo defeloped a management platform for different work processes implemented in their Accounting Offices network.

ITDS developed an application solution to enhance the management efficiency of its maintenance activity, installation and after-sales, in particular by:
.: Improving internal and external communication, making it more clear and modern,
.: Centralize and organize the information generated by the activity, making it accessible online to the entire division in an easy and simple way,
.: Enabling global, integrated view of all activity,
.: Provide tools to support decision making,
.: Model work processes,
.: Create a knowledge base.

Udifar is a cooperative organization of pharmacies. Pharmacies serve people. Udifar serves pharmacies in the pharmaceutical products' distribution .
List of applications developed by ITDS to support Processes and Data Management
.: CRM Application for relationship management with Clients
.: Dilofar - Delivery Proof Control and Reported Problems Management

The Association of Economists, is the public association that represents graduates in science of Economics and Management.
ITDS is responsible for the
.:. Institutional Portal - Creation of a Portal and Content Management Solution, and integration with the backoffice system for content delivery.
.: Members Management - Application for members management and invoicing

The Lusitania Companhia de Seguros, SA was the first insurance company established after 1947 and the first after the opening of the banking and insurance to the private sector. Integrated in the Montepio Group, its major shareholder, it was founded on June 6, 1986. ITDS developed a set of Support Management Processes and Information applications, namely:
.: Document and Content Management
.: Claims Management
.: Working Accidents Extranet
.: Insurance Quotations Central
.: Integration with SegurNet

SPMS's mission is the provision of shared services for the health ministry, in the areas of purchasing and logistics, financial services, human resources and systems and information and communication technologies.
ITDS is responsible for the Additional Health Benefits - Software that supports the work process for a specific fund for beneficiaries of the solidarity supplement for the elderly.