We all know how to appreciate and enjoy holidays and leaves/absences from work, but most of us ignore the effort to manage (register, query and modify) these special periods.
If you belong to the few who have those concerns with the holidays, relax and enjoy! The L&V Planning was created to process all this information in a simple and productive way for all.
Any employee can request his vacations in a very simple way and most importantly supervisors can approve or reject their leaves/absences and holidays, in a controlled and auditable way.

This product allows you to implement your Customer Support process. Whether we're talking about clients, employees, suppliers or partners who may need to interact in a structured way, reporting problems, requests, information requests, etc.
This application provides a set of tools and mechanisms that will allow you to parameterize and control the whole process, streamlining the process of internal work, and strengthening the image to customers, partners or employees.

The product Check-in Management allows you to have control of all access to one or more buildings.
Each building may have more than one company, and the access management is conducted in an integrated way for all businesses.
The application provides a set of features that aim to optimize the registration process an ordinance without the usual drawbacks.

xProject was created as an integrated tool to manage services and projects organizations. Covers the entire lifecycle of a project, from the initial business opportunity, qualified lead with a business proposal, to its conclusion, through the critical phase of execution.
During the execution phase, xProject supports the decision process to make better management choices, based in information available Allows you to an effective control of project execution, with the inputs of Consultants on tasks, enabling real-time management decisions.

Any citizen of a City or Council can identify anomalous situations in the street, in their daily routines. From a simple hole in the road or on the sidewalk, a broken traffic light in an congested intersection or even a blocking sidewalk with some badly parked car.
With MyStreet, is intended that nobody can be indifferent when detects one of these situations. Thus, through a system with any SmartPhone Android or iOS (iPhone) users can:
.: Report occurrences / anomalous situations
.: Georeference the site
.: Typify the type of event
.: Allow a contact email and/or mobile phone for further contact
.: Attach pictures in real-time on Smartphone
.: Track the status of occurrence
.: Be notified when the problem is solvedtime management decisions.

Invoicing software for your business
A simple application, practical and easy to use, to manage your business with agility.
Electronic Invoicing certified by the Tax Authority and Customs PT
SAFT-PT (Standard Audit File for Tax Purposes - EN version)
Online application - Compatible with all major browsers in the market

Communication and Document Management have now a new approach.
This product ensures quality communications inside or outside your organization, allowing your business processes to be integrated with your document repository.
ECC has four different modules:
.: Document Management
.: Communication Management
.: Communication Templates
.: Process Management (Workflow)