Our Work

Our goals are

• Deliver better and faster software projects, with less risk;
• Ensure a constant knowledge management and its potential re-use

Reseach & Development
Since its early days iTds took the strategic decision to invest in R&D!
This investment adds value to the services our Team provide to our Customers and makes possible an unique Technological offer to the market.
The XEO™ Platform and all XEO based products are a direct consequence of this strategy.

Create value for our clients is a priority!
Have their recognition, besides being an honor, it is a motivation to do even better!
With our team and on own technology, like XEO, we are confident that we will continue to stand up to the challenges, always keeping the purpose of satisfy

Base Products
XEO Based products came as the natural match between the XEO Platform flexibility and the functional experience provided by customer Projects.
All XEO Base Products address standard customer needs and provide ease of use and flexible adaptation.
With our standard product offer we serve a wide range of customer sizes from an SaaS model or an onsite standalone implementation.